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Caring for your Goalie Gloves

How to wash your goalkeeper gloves

Our top tips on goalkeeper glove care

Martin Sanders demonstrates the best way to clean your goalie gloves:

Great-save.com's top 5 glove cleaning tips

1. Avoid putting your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine. The combination of the washing detergents, the spinning motion and temperature is very likely to reduce the durability and performance of your gloves.

2. If you love your gloves, treat them like a you would a new car by using a simple 3 step routine: Firstly give them a quick rinse to remove the excess dirt. The second step is good wash using a decent glove wash and finally rinse and dry well.

3. Use a glove wash in a spray bottle, this has a key benefit. You use less as the spray allows you to apply it directly to the areas where it is needed most.

4. The sooner you can wash your gloves after a match the better. It means that the dirt doesn't have time to dry into the latex and also reduces the chance of bacteria developing.

5. When drying your gloves all you really need is a towel and some pressure. Wrap the gloves in the towel and use either your hands (or even your feet) combined with your body weight to apply pressure to the gloves. Once the majority of the moisture has been removed, just air in normal room temperature until nearly dry. Avoid putting your gloves on a radiator or in a airing cupboard at all costs, this will damage the latex on your gloves.

Our recommended glove cleaning solution

Want to get more games from your gloves? Why not try our new glove wash? Regularly cleaning your gloves increases the lifespan of your gloves and allows the gloves latex to perform at the very best level every time they are used. We recommend the Great-save.com Goalkeeper Glove Wash

Customer reviews

Great product every goalkeeper should buy it (5/5 stars) - 18/04/20105
My first glove wash kit and i've got to say it was brilliant.

Great (4/5 stars) - 21/03/2016
Great stuff - also watch the video it helped me alot.

Works fantastic (4/5 stars) - 16/02/2014
Used many different glove washes over the past year or so and many have worked well but none have been fantastic until this one.