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Goalkeeper Glove Glu Zoom

Goalkeeper Glove Glu

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Product Description

Revive your old gloves. Improve your new

Enhances grip and performance for all goalkeeper gloves in all conditions.

Can be applied before or during the game and is effective in wet or dry conditions. Suitable for any type of goalkeeping glove palm.

“Really good especially putting on the aqua fangmaschine and also really good with the Mitre ball. I thought good in both conditions but, like everyone else, comes into its own in the wet” Jamie Langfield, Aberdeen FC

“It works well — you might have a gem there, I think I could wear marigold gloves with gloveglu!”

Jerome John, West Ham Utd FC

“That gloveglu is ideal for making your older gloves last longer. Great in the wet — wasn’t expecting it to work so well in the rain” Boaz Myhill, Birmingham FC 


Revive your old gloves. Improve your new

Enhances grip and performance for all goalkeeping gloves in all conditions

gloveglu enhances the grip of any goalkeeping glove with its unique formula.



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Brand Glove Glu

Customer Reviews

Super ConsistentReview by AlCam13
I first bought this a while ago and have continually bought this to enhance my gloves grip.

however I have found there to be a few drawbacks with certain gloves I use. I had a couple pairs of Reusch gloves (argos pro m1)and found that despite very good care (cleaning straight away after use) and applying the glove glu regularly it didn't seem to make much difference to the grip. I also had a pair of adidas response and sells gloves and found the same results. Don't get me wrong the grip was great at first but quickly wore off and found it didn't seem to prolong the life of my gloves.
The best gloves I have had results with are the last few pairs of Nike gloves I have. The Nike Vapor gloves I have used have had excellent grip in all conditions. I was very surprised with the grip in the wet and cold it was very very good. I have found with these Nike gloves even after washing the grip was great, no need to apply the glu again for a few games even after washing these afterwards each time (however I do as I like the immense grip you get with the product but only a couple of sprays needed) I was surprised also that despite me wearing a pair of my Vapor gloves for indoor on 3g pitch and palms wearing away quicker the glove glu has kept these going for ages.

I found that one spray on my hands before games and training helps to keep the glove stay positioned and stuck to the hand

SUPER product and we'll worth the money if you like to look after your gloves (like myself) or not (Posted on 24/01/2015)
high qualityReview by Simon mignolet
Very strong grip love it makes catching easy works well on sells gloves brilliant!
(Posted on 20/01/2014)
FantasticReview by Big Kev
Does exactly what it says on the bottle (Posted on 14/08/2013)
amazingReview by drbrown316
Best goalkeeping product i have seen in a long time. I have been using it on my reusch gloves works a treat. (Posted on 07/07/2013)
amazingReview by drbrown316
Best goalkeeping product i have seen in a long time. I have been using it on my reusch gloves works a treat. (Posted on 07/07/2013)
Very GoodReview by Artur Boruc
Very Very good stuff! I put it on every pair of my many gloves and it works a treat!! Didnt think it at first but really good on My Adidas gloves!
Well done. (Posted on 12/05/2013)
AverageReview by Charlie
Great for use on hard DRY ground

Very slippery on wet ground, you have to keep spraying it on every 2mins.

Dry ground- 9/10
Wet ground- 4/10

If you have good hands you don't need this stuff (Posted on 12/04/2013)
Must buy!Review by Soccerchick44
I ordered this on the Tuesday and received it on the Friday, can only say this product is top notch. Great on old worn out gloves wet and dry.
Service from this company is fantastic, even got two mini chocolate eggs with it for Easter :) 100% defiantly buying this stuff again and a must buy for old gloves to improve grip or new gloves for improved tackiness! (Posted on 06/04/2013)
does what it says on the tinReview by #1fan
OK so I have to admit I was sceptical. HOW WRONG COULD I BE!
This stuff just works wonders! - great on my old training gloves and in wet or dry. Even tried on my new Fingersaves and it worked.
A must have in any goalkeepers bag (Posted on 05/02/2013)
BrillintReview by The Holly Goalie
The glove glu is great, just got a pair of nike gk confidence glove and when I use the glove glu on them they are absolutely brilliant.
watch my video of youtube - my youtube name is goalkeepingworld (Posted on 02/01/2013)
Best product for gloves!!!Review by McGinn #1
have a look at my review on youtube (Posted on 29/12/2012)
Alright Review by Charlie
This stuff is brilliant when you're playing on DRY ground, however once playing in the wet weather it becomes AWFULLY slippy (Posted on 09/12/2012)
The glove glue is amazingReview by Maxyboy
This product is very good on my Adidas finger save replique. the only problem with this is when its very muddy the glue doesn't stick to the glove. I very highly recommend this product to every keeper in the world it amazing (Posted on 05/12/2012)
Every keepers must have!Review by Paul
Used the glove glu on some old gloves while warming up to give it a try and found myself using the old gloves for the match instead of some new ones i had brought. Definately prolongs the life of old gloves and the grip in the wet and dry is excellent.
All it takes is a couple of sprays onto the palms and away u go. (Posted on 28/11/2012)
UnbelievableReview by ER1
I am genuinelly shocked on how well this stuff works.

It was an interesting concept and i had a few old pairs that i don't really want to throw away.

By my word does this stuff work. Alot , LOT better than i thought it would.

I will need some more for sure. Very handy in games where your gloves are full of mud and just spray your gloves for that extra bit of grip at half time etc.

Full marks from me. Great innovation for keepers ! (Posted on 07/11/2012)
RevolutionaryReview by Harty
The substance is absolute quality.
I have no issue with the gloves these days as the latex performs in all weathers, however where i believe grip is lost for us Sunday league keepers is when our gloves get muddy.

Applying this Glove Glu during the game creates unique grip and tackiness to the latex.

I Played ans used it today and it helped me grip the ball in muddy, wet conditions. apply it as many times as you like, it works!!!

A must have in every keepers match day bag in my eyes, buy a couple!!! (Posted on 28/10/2012)
epicReview by Tommy
it is so good i had some slippery gloves but now they are really good (Posted on 20/09/2012)
epicReview by tomsies
one of the best products ive ever bought on greatsave i had these slippery gloves now they are really good
(Posted on 19/09/2012)
Fantastic ProductReview by Finn
This glove glu is UNBELIEVABLE!! It makes the ball stick to your hand with ease! But I would recommend to buy 2 bottles as it goes quite quickly :). (Posted on 11/09/2012)
Fricking awesomeReview by Pete
Bought some of this 2weeks back n it has literally transformed my gloves.the latex on my onesport,great saves and UmbrI are all good but this stuff has made them so tacky n sticky no matter how wet!!
Pop a few squirts on just before a game n the ball literally just sticks to it,amazing product,every keeper should have this!!! (Posted on 29/08/2012)

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