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Revolutionary New Performance Enhancing Sporting Product Foot and Footwear Become One Maximize the grip you get in your footwear.

TruSox use non-slip technology pads both on the inside and outside of the foot grips.The pads on the outside of the product grip your footwear, and the pads on the inside grip to your foot itself, allowing your foot and footwear to become one!

TRUSOX WORK HARDER AS YOU PERSPIRE NON-SLIP TECHNOLOGY PADS TruSox are made with revolutionary non-slip technology pads, which ensure that you are secure in your footwear and your foot doesn't slide.

The pads are made with technology that is activated as you start to perspire, meaning TruSox work better as they acclimatise to your feet. SPEED, AGILITY AND SECURITY TruSox' non-slip pads allow you to generate greater speed and agility, while making you feel more secure in your footwear, and feel safer that the grip you get from TruSox won't let you down at that vital moment.

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