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Choosing the right goalkeepers gloves

Are you buying your first pair of gloves? Or are you just confused at what is on offer and what to buy next? is here to help. We value our customers as individual goalkeepers not just order numbers.

As a goalkeeper your tools are your goalkeeper’s gloves the most important part of the goalkeeper arsenal by far. Your goalkeeper gloves need to fit comfortably and the right gloves have to be chosen.

Many of the goalkeeper gloves we sell are made using very soft latex foams, designed for grip and not durability. It is possible for the latex to come away from the palms and fingers area and this can happen after minutes of use. This happens more when playing on harder surfaces so it is important to choose right gloves for the right conditions. Even when palms start to deteriorate the gloves will still offer grip until the foam has worn out.

Glove Cut

Glove Cut is all down to your personal preference there any many different cuts available, why not take a look at our glove cut guide this will help give you advice on what cuts offer what to the goalkeeper. View our glove cut guide

Surface / Conditions you’re playing in:

Surface / Conditions you’re playing in: Since the growth of 5 aside football and many new surfaces buying the correct gloves for the correct surface is very important. As well as this there have been many developments in latex’s with specially made latex for wet weather, dry weather as well as special hard wearing palms for harder surfaces the choice


Wet Weather

Although All Weather gloves generally are ok in wet conditions, specially created wet weather or Aqua palms offer the very best grip for those rainy days. Aqua palms are manufactured to work at their best when they react with water, so the palm retains ultimate grip but loses the excess water that the rain creates. You will also tend to find that the gloves backhand and body will be made from waterproof materials so as to keep your hands warm and dry as there is nothing worse than having cold and wet hands when trying to keep the goals out!! A specialist Wet Weather glove is an essential for any goalkeeper’s kitbag. 


Warm Weather

Some brands within their range have designated dry or warm weather gloves, these are very popular in parts of Europe and also the USA where climates differ quite drastically from those of the UK. Dry Weather gloves may feature slightly harder wearing latex’s so their durability can be better than their all-weather counterparts as they are purpose built for those bone hard grounds. Also you may find that the gloves body changes from all latex to a neoprene or a mesh simply to allow more air flow to the hand to stop your hands from getting too hot and sweaty. 


Cold Weather

Gloves for use in extreme cold weather conditions. Some of the major goalkeeping brands offer keeper gloves with a material that help keep the hands warm.


All Weather

The vast majority of modern goalkeeper gloves have specially created latex palms that are suited for use in most weather conditions. Come rain or shine these gloves retain their gripping properties for the goalkeeper, look out for the Gloves Spec at the bottom of page on our goalkeeper gloves to see if the palm is suited for All Weather. These gloves feature the very best in latex palm technology from all of the brands and will offer the very best grip although due to these palms being extremely soft they can tear easier. 


Hard Ground

If you’re mainly making the great saves on astro-turf surfaces, indoor or other hard ground surfaces for 5/6 aside football then a hard ground glove palm may be more suited to your needs. These generally don’t offer the same gripping properties as the elite all weather gloves but they will last you a lot longer. These gloves are made with durability in mind and are created for the sole purpose of these types of surfaces. Keep an eye out for The R1 or D1 gloves within the Reusch range as they are the best for this purpose, they also feature removable finger protection. 


Finger Protection

Many goalkeepers are now looking to protect their fingers from injury. Here at we offer a large range of finger protection gloves. These gloves have lightweight and flexible spines which stop the fingers hyperextension. Most of these gloves will feature removable finger spines so you can customise how many of your fingers you wish to protect. 


Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

We specialise in junior goalkeeping products, in our junior section we offer an unrivalled range of goalkeeper gloves. We have a range of gloves that cater for ever junior goalkeeper from the starter goalkeeper to the academy keeper and beyond. Junior goalkeeper gloves have been improved immeasurably over the last few years so much so that the majority of Junior Gloves are now using the same materials and same spec as the senior versions.