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Sells Goalkeeper Products is a brand exclusively for goalkeepers. Sells understand as part of the “union” that the goalkeeper is a specialist, just as they are. As nearly every rule change, ball or boot development, appears to be to the detriment of the goalkeeper, we see it as our mission to redress the balance. It is not easy dealing with a wet, slippery ball flying towards you at eighty miles per hour! 

Sells aim is simple... To provide the goalkeeper with the very best tools to carry out what is a very difficult job on a soccer pitch. 

When they say the best, they mean the best…

Sells Goalkeeper Products was formed by managing director, Adam Sells, in 2002 after initially developing the Selsport brand and previously introducing the French brand BGB to the UK.

Adam has a strong goalkeeping background having worked as coach with both Charlton Athletic and Crystal Palace over the past fifteen years.

Since the brand’s inception the net has spread far and wide and the Sells name is now firmly established as one of the top sellers in the category across the globe.

Today, the brand has a presence in every major European league and boasts many of the game's leading names amongst its endorsees. 

Just as it was in the beginning, Sells is today striving to provide goalkeepers all over the world with the very best materials and latest product technology.


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Sells Goalkeeper Gloves

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