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RESPONSEBALL innovation and invention: Response Ball have an uncompromised desire to design and manufacture training balls that help with the development of players, athletes and coaches across different sports, at all levels.

Currently used by thousands of youth teams and coaches around the world, RESPONSEBALL is also used at the very highest level by the likes of Barcelona FC, Liverpool FC and The English FA, so the quality of the products and the brand they are building is proven at every level.

Look out for the new Response Ball Touch. The size and shape of a regular ball, the new TOUCH ball’s unique technology and specially constructed bladder gives it unpredictable flight and movement on the ground, which means it will wobble and bobble all over the place. At high speed it will bob and weave and at low speed it will bounce up and deviate on the flattest of surfaces.

This means you can replicate deviation and uneven ground on a perfect astro-turf or indoor gym floor. Ideal for goalkeeper training, small sided games, dribbling, receiving a pass.

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Response Ball

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